The wholesale of medicine and cosmetic.

Our clients are Lithuanian chemists , the retail chains, cosmetic shop chains and medical institutions.

Pharmaceutical storage and logistics services

The storage premises have been equipped according to the rules of good practice of medicine distribution. They correspond to the requirements of employees‘ safety and health, fire-prevention and hygiene which comply with the fixed order of certain standard documents. Keeping to the rules of medicine storage in Lithuania, the medicine and medical products are stored by ensuring their safety. The temperature is constantly observed and controlled. The places of opiate and psychotropic medication and premises of medicine repackaging have been equipped.

The developed logistics system and our own transport help ensure the delivery of medicine to the clients with expedition and quality. When accomplishing the delivery of goods, it is controlled that the vehicles would be clean and tidy, and goods would not be damaged or polluted in the process of transportation. When delivering the medicine of a special temperature treatment, it is controlled that the required temperature conditions would be maintained.

The company offers marketing services.

Alaja offers a marketing service , the introduction and representation of the product into the market. Himalaya Herbals pharmaceutical and cosmetic products are one of the successfully introduced and sold products.

Himalaya Herbals (India), established in 1930, was one of the world leaders in starting using the scientifically explored and validated herbs in the products of healthcare.

Now the company is strengthening the direction of online trade.

The online shop of beauty and health products invites to try the services of increasing populiarity – to buy the products at a convenient time being at home.