About us

The company Alaja is enagaged in the representation and distribution of pharmaceutical preparations and cosmetic in Lithuania.

In 2001, the company started its activities in the wholesale of medicine. In 2006, it started working with cosmetic.

There are 13 employees in the company. Most of the company‘s employees have been working more than 15 years. The total work record of the the director‘s of pharmaceutical activities is 20 years. All pharmaceutical specialists constantly take part in the courses according to annual schedules of raising their qualifications.

The licences and certificates:

- The licence of the practice in the wholesale of medicine and medicinal materials was issued in 2005;

- The licence of pharmaceutical activities of psychotropic medications and medicinal materials was issued in 2006.;

- The termless certificate of alimentary management validation was issued in 2012;

- The certificate of a good practice of medicine distribution was issued in 2013.